In Oregon, People in Foreclosure do have Statutory Redemption Rights but they are “Time Sensitive”, they only last a limited time and their value to an Investor diminishes with each passing day. If your Property is being Foreclosed and you don’t have the financial resources to exercise your Redemption Rights before they expire, Get Maximum Value from Investors who are happy to pay for them.

At Redemption Research, Associates We Buy Distressed Properties by working with People in Foreclosure and a very large group of Private Investors that are constantly buying Foreclosed Properties. There are Financial Solutions that may quickly and easily benefit all parties through the Bargain and Sale of the Redemption Rights.

We and other Private Investors that purchase properties at Judicial Auctions risk wasting time on properties that may be taken away from them during the Redemption Period. While it may be true that our money for purchase and improvements is not at risk, in fact we get it all back in full plus interest, we can never recover the time invested and frequently the costs associated with tying up capital during the Redemption Period which is far and away more then we are refunded if the property is Redeemed.

–  L.A. Perry “Senior Associate”